Archive: October, 2011

Why I fight for Labour

It is certainly true that I did my share of marching, picketing, and shouting as a youngster. I grew up in a country where we genuinely believed that young people would have to fight to have any future at all, and that real success would be for other people.  Thatcher’s Britain was a depressing place, […]

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Under One Roof

Making music can be positive, life-affirming, even spiritual. Having been homeless myself when I was young, I know that it’s often the opposite of those things. That’s why I was keen to help out with  a new idea  at ‘Under 1 Roof’, the Training Centre for people “in housing need” in Norwich. So last Sunday […]

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Ripping out the Green Shoots

The Tories’ 2010 general election slogan was ‘It’s time for a change’ and this has certainly been borne out in their time in government so far. People in Britain are losing their jobs; Energy prices are rising; University tuition fees have trebled; and The recovery has stalled. But these are just some of the most […]

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