A career in film!!! (all I have to do is make a video in my underpants…)

This is a genuine email I received this morning:

from:   pq <pjq71@sbcglobal.net>

reply-to:         pq <pjq71@sbcglobal.net>

date:   Wed, Aug 26, 2015 at 3:15 AM

subject:           Hi, David. This is Paul from Model Mayhem with the audition details for our horror film, Hide.

Hi, David. Thank you for your reply and interest in this project! I received your message on Model Mayhem, so I’ll keep correspondence to your email.

Hopefully you’ll decide to join this project. If not, no problem.

****IMPORTANT: If after looking over these audition details you want to officially join this film project, let me know and I’ll officially cast you in this film.

Below are the three scenes you’ll need to audition and record for us. We are also asking for a simple introduction video which is explained below, too We’re giving you just a general description of each scene, leaving you room to improvise and interpret each as you see fit. All three scenes involve a runway walk, modeling underwear for Rachel, the fashion designer, and a murder. Should you decide to join this project, You’re in. These auditions are simply to help us decide which role you will be given.


*WARDROBE: In the film you’re character will have to model underwear for the designer. For these auditions we would prefer that you wear the style, or styles, of underwear you’ll be fine with wearing in the actual film so we know what wardrobe to have on hand for the filming. If you’d prefer to wear shorts for these auditions, it should be okay, but make sure they are similar in length, and fit, to boxers or boxer briefs; nothing too long or baggy.

You’ll be getting a lot more help and direction when your scenes are actually filmed, but I do have notes to go along with some of the scenes below to help you out with the audition and to give you some direction. You’re welcomed to have someone play as Rachel for these auditions if it makes it easier for you, but acting them on your own will work fine. Scene #3 is the only one where another person could make the scene easier, but not necessary.


You are showing Rachel your runway walk, modeling some underwear. You walk to Rachel, stopping in front of her. You show off the underwear, posing and flexing a little. You turn around and show off the underwear from the back, posing and flexing a bit, again. You turn around and face Rachel, again. You start to show off the underwear one more time when you notice Rachel with a gun. (At this point, What would your reaction be? Improvise.) Before you can react, Rachel shoots you directly in the forehead. You take a few steps backward, then fall to the floor on your back. Your body is limp, but slowly starts to tense up. All your limbs (arms, legs) stiffen and tense up. Your entire body, from head to toe, stiffens and tenses up. Slight twitching. Slight muscle spasms.


You are showing Rachel your runway walk, modeling some underwear. You walk to Rachel, stopping in front of her. You show off the underwear, posing and flexing a little. You turn around and show off the underwear from the back, posing and flexing, again. You begin to walk away from Rachel. After taking a few steps, Rachel hits you on the back of the head with a hammer. You stumble forward, touching your head, in pain. You turn towards Rachel. (What would your reaction be? Scared? Angry? Cursing? Improvise). You stumble towards Rachel, reaching out to grab her. You fall to your knees in front of her. You look up at Rachel, semi-conscious, mumbling incoherently. Rachel hits you on your forehead with the hammer, sending you on to your back. After a couple of seconds you begin to convulse VERY violently. Arms, legs, shaking and trembling violently. Legs kicking the floor. Your body slowly becomes still, the violent convulsions leading in to slight muscle spasms. Then completely still.

[*SCENE #2 NOTES: Don’t be afraid to go overboard with the convulsions. It’s always easier to tone things down during the actual filming, should you get this particular role/character.]


[*SCENE #3 NOTES: This character is going to be on the arrogant and cocky side. Flirting with Rachel a bit, doing anything he can to get this job.]

(Arrogant; Cocky; Really need this job; How would you flirt with Rachel; Keep these characteristics in mind throughout the beginning of this scene till the start of the murder/attack. Improvise). You’re showing Rachel your runway walk, modeling some underwear. You walk to Rachel, stopping in front of her. You start showing off the underwear, flirting with her a bit, maybe getting a little too close to her. You begin flexing, trying to get Rachel to admire your physique. Rachel gives in and leads you to a couch where she sits down and lets you pose for her, flexing, showing off for her. Rachel gets up from the couch and moves behind you. Still flexing and letting her touch your back and arms. You suddenly fall to the floor as Rachel uses a taser gun. She sits on the couch and wraps a rope around your neck and begins to strangle you. You put up a strong struggle in the beginning, but slowly lose the fight until you are still. Dead.

[*SCENE #3 MURDER NOTES: You can improvise the murder as you like, But, keep the following in mind: Don’t die, or lose consciousness right away. Struggle in the beginning, grabbing the rope around your neck, trying to loosen it. Grab at Rachel’s arms, trying to get her to loosen her grip on the rope. Kick your legs out, struggle wildly at first. Slowly begin to lose any fight you have in you during this murder. Struggle less and less until you are completely still. In the end have a few muscle twitches/spasms.]

INTRODUCTION VIDEO: We would like you, in this video, to let us know who you are; name, age, etc. Anything you want to tell us.

DEADLINE FOR THESE AUDITION VIDEOS: Monday, August 31, 2015 by end of day.

****Again, if you choose to join this film project, let me know so I can officially cast you in this film.****

Thank you, David!


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